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Living in Hollywood and watching the grip trucks, bright lights and masses of crew set up and tear down around the city, knowing that "Hollywood Magic" is happening is really thrilling to us. Every single time we drive past... yup. We love it.  Spending a lifetime watching movies, to approach film making , outside of the BIG MONEY  studio system, those are big shoes to fill.
Its a triple edged sword , really. 
The first Edge.
There is no BIG MONEY. But, with that, theres a ton of freedom. Freedom with story. Do I think its a little dangerous to give a preacher a gun? Well, without giving away too much, knowing he's going to use it, a lot, I think I can live with that danger.  Funding the film ourselves, we can tell the story we want.  Who wants another sequel? Smurfs? Again? Geez. No thanks. Lets do something new.
The Second Edge.
No BIG MONEY. It takes an unbelievable amount of effort , everyday , to crowdfund, source, talk, pitch and get the word out, PREACHER SIX.... a different kind of hero..... wants you to buy a t-shirt. With that in mind, when you buy a shirt, not only  will you have a bad ass shirt, you are helping the arts community. The independent artists, filmmakers, writers go beyond the boundries of studio money.
The third edge. (My Favorite Edge)
Casting. Do you know how many great actors are out there, hustling for their shot?  If you look at our cast list, youre going to see some pretty famous faces. And some who are just so talented , ready and chomping at the bit. We have the freedom to cast the talent that will raise the roof. We want to show you something new.

So. Where do you come in? Go buy a shirt. Can't buy a shirt, how about $5-? Looking for an investment? How about investing in a film. The Independent Film Community is huge. The fan base is huge. We have perks, bonuses and investment levels for every dollar amount. Below, you will find the links to : Booster and GoFundMe, along with our social media links. Take a look, follow us, keep in touch. Hollywood Magic Productions, LLC.  is in the movie business.  We have a library of scripts waiting to be made into full length feature films. We shoot local. We hire local. We are the Locals. So, in the spirit of every independent artist, thank you for reading this. And we thank you for your support.